About CarbonFix

The organisation is led by a group of professionals who are passionate about improving Earth’s climate. CarbonFix invest in climate solutions differently to other organisations as we’re not here to see a return on our investment. Instead, our success is measured by attributable emission reductions – by making a difference.

Our team

Siemon van den Berg is CarbonFix Foundation’s chairman and co-founder at Impact Equity Fund, an investment fund for sustainable innovations.

Olga Liash is a strategic advisor and business manager at DSM. She oversees opportunity management and partner relationships at CarbonFix.


Pepijn van Dijk is executive director of the Dutch liberal party VVD. Prior to that, he worked in clean energy, societal innovation and international development. He is CarbonFix’s treasurer.


Lisa van den Berg is a marketing director at NorthC Datacenters. She oversees marketing and publicity for the CarbonFix Foundation.


Our partners

The real work is done by CarbonFixers, a network of innovators, scientific advisors, policy makers and investors who collaborate to accelerate the launch of bold, climate-cooling initiatives. Do you want to make impact just like CarbonFix? Join us
and be part of our partnernetwork.

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Our advisors

Rudy Rulkens is a PhD chemist and Principal Scientist in the field of chemistry of materials at DSM. His interests are polymer chemistry and energy. In the international world he is known for his work on sustainable polymers  publishing in journals and books on the topic. He is scientific advisor for CarbonFix.

Jeroen Hazewinkel holds a PhD in applied mathematics and works on the deployment and scale-up of carbon removal technologies. He is an expert on CCUS and waste conversion technologies. Jeroen is partner at Darel Consultancy and founder of the Carbon Removal platform SInkit. He is scientific advisor for CarbonFix.