About CarbonFix

CarbonFix supports climate solutions differently to how most other organisations do, as we’re not looking for a financial return. Instead, our success is measured by attributable emission reductions – by making a difference. The organisation is led by a group of professionals who are passionate about improving Earth’s climate.

Our team

Siemon van den Berg is CarbonFix Foundation’s chairman and co-founder at Impact Equity Fund, an investment fund for sustainable innovations.

Jeroen Hazewinkel holds a PhD in applied mathematics and works on the deployment and scale-up of carbon removal technologies. He is an expert on CCUS and waste conversion technologies. Jeroen is partner at Darel Consultancy and founder of the Carbon Removal platform SInkit. He is board member for CarbonFix.

Olga Liash is a strategic advisor and business manager at DSM. She oversees opportunity management and partner relationships at CarbonFix.

Pepijn van Dijk is a social innovator with a wealth of international experience in startups, politics, and NGO’s. Beyond his professional pursuits, he’s a mountain climber, film lover and a passionate reader. Pepijn is CarbonFix’s treasurer.

Jarno van den Heuvel is a finance professional and CPA. He is part of Lucy, a start-up focused on the electrification of aviation.

Arnoud Haverlag is a seasoned tech & impact entrepreneur. He co-founded and served as CEO at Marvia, Backspace, Soverin and BYBORRE.

At CarbonFix he will focus on accelerating the deal flow and establishing partnerships within the startup and impact investors ecosystems.

Our partners

The real work is done by CarbonFixers, a network of innovators, scientific advisors, policy makers and investors who collaborate to accelerate the launch of bold, climate-cooling initiatives. Do you want to make impact just like CarbonFix? Join us
and be part of our partnernetwork.

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