Cooling the planet by 0.5°C: it only takes €8 billion a year

AMR, the science-based project backed by CarbonFix, is achieving promising results. The Swiss company develops technology to remove methane from the atmosphere.


Methane accounts for 33% of global warming. “It is much easier and cheaper to remove than CO2. Estimated costs are €8 billion a year with 0.5 of the necessary 1.5 degrees’ global cooling as a result. AMR’s method is natural and safe and can be implemented within the next few years,” according to Oswald Petersen, founder of AMR.

An alarming increase

Methane has always been around. Thanks to Iron Salt Aerosol (ISA) and other catalysts, nature used to be able to get rid of it by itself. But in the past 150 years, atmospheric methane levels have almost tripled; half of methane is now man-made, produced mainly by the oil and gas industry, livestock, rice paddies and waste belts. 

An €8 billion a year solution

Methane contributes around 33% to current global warming. AMR plans to disperse ISA in the atmosphere from Methane Removal Plants based in subtropical oceans. Petersen: “Sea, salt, sun and wind are readily-available resources to remove methane successfully. The ambition is to remove 200 megatons of methane emissions. The costs will be around €8 billion a year.” 

A promising prototype

Thanks to a CarbonFix injection of well over €200,000, AMR has now completed a lab-scale prototype of a disperser that generates nano-particles (diameter 20-100 nm). Built on a platform, the disperser brings the ISA up to 100-400 metres above (subtropical) sea level for optimal effectiveness. 

Methane removal certificates

Finally, AMR plans to sell methane removal certificates to methane emitters including rice growers, cattle breeders, landfill operators and the oil and gas industry. CarbonFix contributes to AMR with scientific, entrepreneurial and financial support.

About AMR : it was founded by Swiss entrepreneur Oswald Petersen, based on the scientific work of shareholders and board members Franz Oeste and Renaud de Richter. AMR works closely with renowned technology partners and engineers. The organization combines broad know-how and experience to develop a science-based solution to remove methane, in a cost-efficient way which is safe for humans and nature.