From laboratory to removing 5 tons of CO2 yearly

From laboratory to removing 5 tons of CO2 yearly
She is Dr. Amandine Cadiau, a material chemistry specialist and one of the 40 Femmes Forbes 2024. She traded a successful international research career for entrepreneurship. And while commercial thinking is not actively stimulated in the French academic world, she founded Stathmos - Balance the Climate that captures CO2 from the air by using a patented material she discovered in the laboratory. With our support, Amandine’s next step is creating a prototype of the Statbox: an on site movable container that can capture at least 5 tons of CO2 per year.

Mixed swimming pools and abayas
After doing her PhD in France, Amandine’s research career took her to Germany, Portugal, and then Saudi-Arabia. Amandine: “I arrived in 2013 at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). At that time, life within university walls was like living in France. You could wear a T-shirt, there was a mixed swimming pool. While outside, I still had to wear an abaya.” Her time in Saudi-Arabia proved to be a defining one: it was there where she and her colleagues discovered a powdery material that turned out to be the basis of Stathmos. And where she first considered beginning a start-up: “The university pushed their researchers to file patents and start commercial businesses. It made me enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.” 

Make Our Planet Great Again
She ended up staying in Saudi-Arabia for almost six years; a grant of 1.5 million euros from the French government made her go back to France. "President Macron invited researchers to help fight against climate change under the name of Make Our Planet Great Again. A reaction to Trump deciding to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement. My research grant was about air purification: NOx and SOx and how to trap them and make them unharmful.” In 2022, she founded Stathmos.  “I wanted to be more active and have a real impact on human health and human life, on the planet. So I decided to take my discovery and turn it into a start-up myself.”

Store and avoid 2.5 million tons of CO2 by 2030
The need for funding to build a prototype made her reach out to CarbonFix. With success. Amandine will use our financial support for creating a first standalone prototype of the Statbox, a movable box that captures CO2 from the air wherever you decide to place it. “The vision is to store and avoid 2.5 million tons of CO2 by 2030.” Different countries look forward to using the Statbox, but cautiousness has its place: “Their intentions need to be questioned. Do they want to lower their CO2 impact or continue with what they are doing? For instance, in some places they use CO2 to dig deeper for fossil fuels (Enhancement Oil recovery). We don’t want that!”

Wanted: bright, idealistic minds 
Amandine has worked full-time on Stathmos for the past two years. “There is always a lot on my plate. We need to do more tests, build that prototype. Add to that our search for talented people and good partners. I also would like an associate. And of course we need funding, because money helps with all of the other things. It attracts talent for instance. I look for idealistic and bright minds. People that have experience, but are also willing to work with their hands. Not just managers please! Hopefully, the broadening of my network thanks to CarbonFix will help me with all that. Their support really is a plus!” 

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Our criteria for moonshot climate solutions

• a new (scientific) innovation in reducing or capturing CO2e

• a founder/team that is dedicated to make it work

• no prior investments other than:

  • own funds
  • “friends & family” money
  • a limited amount in subsidies/grants (<250k EUR)

• the potential to reduce several megatons (Mt) of CO2e annually within 10 years from now