Dutch innovation aims to freeze the Arctic

CarbonFix was the first to see the potential of Arctic Reflections in 2023. The idea of thickening Arctic ice, by pumping water through boreholes in winter and allowing it to freeze, fits seamlessly with CarbonFix’s mission: to financially support moonshot climate solutions in their very first phase.

From lab to endangered Arctic
The innovative company is now also trusted by UNIIQ, the proof-of-concept investment fund that supports unique (South Holland) innovations with €28.8 million. At CarbonFix's annual "Fixing Carbon Together," it was announced that the Delft startup can count on additional funding of €350,000. And that means they can now take the next step: from lab to experiments in practice. To the rapidly shrinking ice of Svalbard.

Thickening 100,000 km2 of ice
Recent estimates show that in the next 20-30 years, the Arctic will be ice-free in summer. Because the ice sheet reflects solar energy back into space, with a shrinking ice sheet, its reflectivity decreases, resulting in more warming. By pumping arctic seawater over the ice in winter, Arctic Reflections thickens the polar ice sheets faster than they melt in summer and stops further shrinkage. Arctic Reflections is backed by science and works closely with local indigenous people.

Fonger Ypma, founder of Arctic Reflections: "We are delighted with the bold support from CarbonFix and UNIIQ. With this help we can confirm the initial lab results on Svalbard in field tests, gain additional experience in working in the icy conditions and look at how we can ensure our long-term impact through collaboration with partners."

Tom Meijeraan, co-founder of Arctic Reflections: "We are going to realize an 'insane' but also very simple idea with Arctic Reflections. Great that thanks to the support of initially CarbonFix and now Uniiq, we can now do further research. This brings us closer to realizing our mission to conserve Arctic ice."