Reversing global warming using nature’s own CO2 regulator

We support: AirZyme

Bright minds: AirZyme is composed of a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, united by a mission to develop effective carbon removal solutions. At the heart of AirZyme, a technology-driven ethos thrives, focusing on scalable innovations aimed at tackling climate change. By harnessing biotechnology and material sciences, the team strives to advance these solutions, aiming to become a key provider of next-generation gigaton-scale technologies that the world urgently needs.

With disruptive ideas: AirZyme’s Bio-DAC is a novel, biomimetic, low-energy Direct Air Capture process, drawing inspiration from natural respiratory processes. This innovative method employs the enzyme Carbonic Anhydrase and mimics the lung’s gas-exchange surfaces to achieve CO2 absorption and desorption in one continuous process. By circumventing traditional, energy-intensive CO2 regeneration processes, this approach significantly reduces energy consumption, setting a new standard in DAC technology. AirZyme is advancing this technology towards a bench-scale pilot, designed to capture CO2 directly from ambient air, demonstrating a scalable and cost-effective solution for carbon removal.

To cool the planet: AirZyme’s Bio-DAC technology will capture and remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere, a critical step towards achieving net zero by complementing efforts to reduce new CO2 emissions. High removal costs constrain the scalability of effective strategies. AirZyme’s approach reduces energy requirements, thereby lowering removal costs, which is key to increasing adoption and the willingness to pay for carbon removal. Recognizing the significant challenges, their goal is to initiate a 1,000t CO2 per year, a commercial pilot by 2027 and to expand to multi-megaton scale by the year 2035.

Why we support: From our first conversations onwards, we were impressed by the innovative thinking of Roshan and Moshen. Their technology is very promising, and the way they draw their inspiration from natural processes is truly inspiring to us. We are very happy to support them in the initial steps of what is going to be, without a doubt, a journey full of impact.

Supported with loans through the CarbonFix BV