Arctic Reflections

Restoring the Arctic Ice sheet to counter global warming.

We support: Arctic Reflections

Bright minds: Arctic Reflections is a team of experienced entrepreneurs and scientists, and all their work is and will be science-based. Fonger Ypma is founder and CEO. He holds a PhD in physics from Oxford University and is a former McKinsey consultant. He worked actively on the energy transition and is a seasoned cleantech entrepreneur. Tom Meijeraan is founder and COO. As an independent contractor he has been working on numerous innovations and co-founded multiple start-ups. The team works in close cooperation with researchers of TU Delft. 

With disruptive ideas: The Arctic ice sheet functions as “the world’s refrigerator”. Through its natural white surface, it reflects most of the incoming solar energy back into space. Unfortunately, the ice sheet is declining rapidly meaning that it will no longer be able to reflect solar energy, which will instead be absorbed by the dark ocean. This causes even more global warming. Arctic Reflections plans to restore the Arctic ice by pumping seawater on top of it in the cold Arctic winter. The pumped seawater will freeze rapidly, resulting in thicker ice sheets that are less likely to fully melt away during the summer.

To cool the planet: Calculations show that the radiative forcing impact of maintaining 1 km2 of ice for one extra month during the summer has the same cooling impact as the impact of removing 1 kton of CO2 over a 20-years horizon. As Arctic Reflections’ ambition is to at least stop the current decline of the sea ice their ultimate goal is to thicken a 100,000 km2 of ice every year, which will be equal to cooling of a 100 Mton CO2 equivalent every year. As such, it functions as a bridging solution until carbon levels are back at acceptable levels. 

Why we support: At CarbonFix we love big and bold ideas to counter global warming. Arctic Reflections for sure is one of those! The idea to add to the arctic sea ice is something you expect in science fiction but no so much in the real world. Thanks to entrepreneurs like Fonger and Tom, the world will implement this potential solution for the first time.

Apart from it being bold and big, we also love the fact that the project is rooted in science and executed in cooperation with local communities. With funding from CarbonFix an ecological impactstudy will be made and permits will be obtained from the local government. If all goes well we will also be funding the proof of concept expedition at Svallbard creating extra layers of ice at three different areas. We can't wait for the results!

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