DOPS Recycling Technologies B.V

Bright minds: DOPS was created in 2021 to develop a technology called Direct Carbon Immobilization or DCI™ to disrupt the waste industry. The idea of the technology came from Wiebe Pronker, one of their founding partners back in 2008. By 2021 Michiel Spits, Roeland Jan Dijkhuis and Harmen Oterdoom were on board and the technology began to accelerate even faster, thanks to their combined unique knowledge.

The disruptive idea: DOPS wanted to develop a pilot plant to scale-up the technology from TRL 5 to TRL 6. This is because in the waste industry: seeing is believing, so the DOPS pilot plant needed to be a relevant scale. With the support of CarbonFix, DOPS has been able to increase the pace of their work and show the world their technology. It works by being fed waste (a mix of useful molecules) and generate secondary raw materials as an alternative for primary raw materials.

To cool the planet: DOPS proprietary technology thermochemically converts complex waste into products or secondary raw materials, without direct emission in a refractory structure (shaft). The products are syngas (hydrogen and carbon-monoxide) and a clean solid residue (carbon, minerals and metals) for further use. The base principle is a reduction/cracking process of the waste between 900 and 1100 Celsius in the primary part of the shaft. The energy needed to maintain these temperatures is derived from parasitic partial oxyfuel-incineration of hydrogen within the secondary part. The technology can reduce direct CO2 emissions from alternatives like incineration (=1 ton waste is 1 ton CO2) substantially by more than 95%.”

Why we support them: At CarbonFix, we proudly stand behind DOPS Recycling Technologies B.V. and their groundbreaking mission to revolutionize waste recycling through their disruptive technology, Direct Carbon Immobilization or DCI™. We endorse DOPS' visionary approach, standing hand-in-hand with them as they reshape waste management and contribute to a greener future for us all.

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