STATHMOS – Balance the Climate

Revolutionizing Direct Air Capture to fight climate change

We support: STATHMOS - Balance the Climate

Bright minds: STATHMOS aims to have a profound impact on climate change by directly capturing CO2 from the air. The team, led by founder Dr. Amandine Cadiau who is an expert in material chemistry, has decades of experience in researching and developing advanced technologies. They are committed to scaling up industrially to become a leading green tech company, driven by dedication to innovation and sustainability. Their mission is to address one of society's greatest challenges with their cutting-edge solution.

With disruptive ideas: STATHMOS offers a revolutionary direct air capture solution to address the urgent need for CO2 reduction to fight climate change. The approach, powered by proprietary advanced materials, ensures ultra-efficient CO2 capturing with minimal energy demand and eco-friendly processes. With the 'STATBOX' containers, they aim to produce on-site green CO2 sourced from the air, which can be used by industrial CO2 consumers or stored to address the voluntary carbon credit market, contributing to sustainable carbon dioxide removal practices.

To cool the planet: Thanks to their scalable, green, and cost-effective approach, they aim to capture, avoid, and store 2.5 million tons of CO2 by 2030, with a plan to reach a capacity of 500 million tons of CO2 annually by 2045.

Why we support: At CarbonFix, we support moonshot climate ideas backed by science. Amandine Cadiau is a great example of a pioneer in her field. With a scientific background and the right entrepreneurial spirit, we are certain she will deliver on her mission to accelerate the DAC space, achieving lower energy usage per ton CO2 and higher CO2 absorption rates.

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