Meet the CarbonFixers

Meet the CarbonFixers, a growing community of scientists and entrepreneurs who have received grants to develop their inventions.

Funded projects

We support AMR AG

Bright minds to accelerate the breakdown of methane in the air

Disruptive ideas to support nature in removing atmospheric methane

To cool the planet with 0.5 degrees

We support Vesta

Bright minds to capture large masses of CO2 from the air

Disruptive ideas that harnesses the power of the oceans and a volcanic mineral called olivine

To cool the planet

We support Yerrawa

Bright minds to dissolves biomass waste

Disruptive ideas that prevent the release of multiple types of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

To cool the planet

Who’s next?

Will you be next? Find out if your project qualifies for a CarbonFix grant.