Our recent projects

Meet the CarbonFixers, a growing community of scientists and entrepreneurs who have received grants to develop their inventions.

Project started: 01/07/2024

At AirZyme, a technology-driven ethos thrives, focusing on scalable innovations aimed at tackling climate change. AirZyme’s Bio-DAC is a novel, biomimetic, low-energy Direct Air Capture process. It mimics the lung’s gas-exchange surfaces to achieve CO2 absorption and desorption.

Project started: 10/06/2024
STATHMOS – Balance the Climate

There is an urgent need for CO2 reduction to fight climate change. STATHMOS – Balance the Climate offers a revolutionary direct air capture solution. Their approach ensures ultra-efficient CO2 capturing with minimal energy demand and eco-friendly processes. Thanks to their scalable, green, and cost-effective approach, they aim to capture, avoid, and store 2.5 million tons of CO2 by 2030, with a plan to reach a capacity of 500 million tons of CO2 annually by 2045.

Project started: 05/12/2023
Arctic Reflections

The Arctic ice sheet functions as “the world’s refrigerator”. Through its natural white surface, it reflects most of the incoming solar energy back into space. Unfortunately, the ice sheet is declining rapidly meaning that it will no longer be able to reflect solar energy, which will instead be absorbed by the dark ocean. This causes even more global warming. Arctic Reflections plans to restore the Arctic ice by pumping seawater on top of it in the cold Arctic winter.

Project started: 28/09/2023
DOPS Recycling Technologies B.V

DOPS was created in 2021 to develop a technology called Direct Carbon Immobilization or DCI™ to disrupt the waste industry. The idea of the technology came from Wiebe Pronker, one of their founding partners back in 2008. By 2021 Michiel Spits, Roeland Jan Dijkhuis and Harmen Oterdoom were on board and the technology began to accelerate even faster, thanks to their combined unique knowledge.

If you think your project has the potential to reduce or capture megatons of CO2e emissions per year, you could be eligible to receive financing from CarbonFix.